Client Testimonials

I’m so confident in Steve and his insurance advice, that I just moved my 18 year old to his own policy. I can’t wait to take him to meet Steve so some of his questions are answered. Steve helped me so much when my ex husband canceled the insurance without telling me and my car could’ve been repossessed because no insurance. Steve is the insurance guy to see!

Kelly Shelton, client since 2017

I appreciate the personal service of a long-term, local insurance agent. Steve has been available for reassurance and guidance with immediate answers when I purchased my home and a few new vehicles as well as when I experienced mishaps and accidents with the new vehicles. By email and even by phone, within minutes of an incident, I am able to reach Nationwide, Steve Bobinski, consistently over 15 years. A family member and a couple of friends became agents in the last few years, so I have entertained their request to quote my home and cars. This has confirmed for me that what I pay for very personal service and good coverage is fair and reasonable in comparison. -Melissa Jaeger

Melissa J., client since 2005

Great agent always responds quickly to inquires.

Cynthia K., client since 2011

Steve always makes himself available and is very willing to answer any questions we may have about our coverage and is very quick to return our calls. Thanks for such great service!

Charles L., client since 2017

Steve's always been there for us.  Makes our lives easier.

Nancy P -client since 2012

Very helpful with explaining the rates and options that we were given. Helped us make our decisions on what policies to add.

Rachael O., client since 2019

"Steve Bobinski has always been professional, easy to get ahold of and quick to help! Thanks for so many years of great service!"

- Hilary Richard - 8/27/2019

"I have trusted Steve B with all of my business and auto insurance policies for many years. I consider myself a long-term client at this point. Always professional and prompt and very knowledgeable in his profession. Highly recommend Nationwide Insurance"

- Jim Ullom - 8/20/2019

"You never know how good an agent and company is for home insurance until you need them. Had a house fire in 2006 and before I could get home from work, Steve was standing in my driveway watching the fireman put out the fire - check book in hand!! Went from having everything to my whole family not having a change of underwear. Steve took care of everything. Rating an agent based on pricing he does not control is dumb - wait till you need them and see if those discount companies can beat you home! I will never leave Steve - he's my agent for life!!"

- John Matlon - 5/6/2019

"Awesome agent and his staff! World Class Service!!! Definitely recommend!!! 5 stars!!!"

- Charles James Schmitt - 4/23/2015

‚Äč"I’ve been with Steve for about 20yrs. He has taken great care of me and my family." 

- Marc E.

"I have had Nationwide Insurance for 20+ years and have been with Steve Bobinski. He has been great every time I have called him. When we bought a new vehicle and stopped by to add insurance on it, he came out of his office and celebrated our new car with us. I called today for my first ever homeowners claim for water damage and he was spot-on and got the ball rolling right away. I cannot say enough great things about Steve Bobinski personally and his agency as well. Extremely happy with them!!!"

- ValpoResident

"I have been with Bobinski Agency for almost 20 years, and now my children are also clients. I have always had quick, reliable service from Steve and his staff. He makes himself available not only by office phone and e-mail, but also his cell phone. I can trust that no matter what life throws at me, I will always have Steve and Nationwide to help me through any crisis. Their prompt, attentive service is a great relief from a day and age where service is so hard to find.I would recommend Steve very highly for your every insurance need!"

- Karen M.

"Steve and his staff are superior!!! WORLD CLASS SERVICE!! GREAT PEOPLE AND GREAT PRICING!!! We have multiple automobiles, home and other policies with this agency!!! Highly recommend ! 5stars!!"

- Charles J.
World Class Service

"We have been with the Bobinski Agency for 17 years and have been very pleased. Steve is a wonderful guy and even came out and looked at our new car when we stopped by on way home from dealership to add coverage. Takes a real interest in his clients and very knowledgeable about anything we have ever asked him. Definitely would recommend Steve Bobinski!!"

- Satisfied12

"Have made many phone calls with questions regarding my policy to Steve. At all times he has been able to get me the answers i needed very quickly. He is very knowledgeable regarding insurance issues. I highly recommend Nationwide Insurance, at no time have we had any problems with auto claims and getting rental cars."

- Mindy S.

"Received a call from my son who is in the army in Washington State at 6:30 am he was involved in an accident by a hit and run driver. Left message for Steve who called me back by 7:30am. Steve handled a claim 2,200 miles away including towing and a rental car within 4 hours. Adjuster is assigned and claim has been opened. Find me another agent who can do that!!!!"

- Jam M.

"Staff has always been friendly and personable. If I ever need to leave a message, calls are returned quickly. Agent provides his cell# for emergencies on both his voice mail and business cards. Saved in my cell contacts. Agent is helpful and knowledgeable and almost always available. We've been with Nationwide and Bobinski over 10 years now. Very solid agent."

- CLK39